Shedding light on impact assessment!

Impact Business exists so that companies and NGOs that change the world for the better would learn to assess and show the impact they provide for society. Impact assessment helps to turn good actions into competitive advantage and revenue.

Behind the name Impact Business is the guru of the impact world, Saila Tykkyläinen, together with a wide network of top professionals of various fields.

Current affairs

Impact Business is a social enterprise, too – it is a member of the union for social enterprises ARVO and bears the Finnish Social Enterprise Mark! The social objective of Impact Business is to develop the competence to assess social impacts in Finland, to make the assessment methods and tools available to small organisations, too, and to encourage organisations to assess their own social impacts.


Saila has helped over a hundred NGOs, companies and public sector operators to increase the impact of their activities. The results are good:

"The impact assessment that Saila made helped the company clarify its concept ..."


”Saila’s ability to model impact is second to none ...


"Today, Mightifier’s impact model builds the core of our operations..."